Saturday, February 20, 2010

We'll miss you Friend!! 2-20-10

RIP Chuck McCarter
We lost a dear friend this morning. From the information we have recieved it was a suicide, but if you knew Chuck you couldn't believe that. He ALWAYS had a smile on his face and laughter coming from his smile! I don't know if we will ever know the complete truth. All I do know is we have lost an awesome BBQing angel here on earth and I know they are having a BBQ party in Heaven today. We miss you already friend!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Sickies are Home Today 2/16/10

Well, a quick note....3 out of the 4 of us are home sick today. After I got up and drove my morning route I just felt horrible and came home to bed. Got home, Eddie is still home ~ tummy troubles. A few hours later we get a call from school and Taylor at school sick. We're keeping our fingers crossed that Megan stays healthy...she's got practice everyday, even in this COLD weather.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Let it Snow 2-12-10

"Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow"

As I left school at 3:30 today (teacher workday) and snow flakes were already flying and on the radio "Let it Snow" was playing! And it never fails that when they call for snow and all the "snow fanatics" as I call them, are rushing to get their milk and's time for my regular grocery shopping. By the time I got home from shopping and then taking Megan to her bestie's house (Beka) for the night the ground was covered. Taylor got home and her bestie (Becca) came to the house to pick her up for night and there was enough snow on the ground for them to have a snowball fight...even though everyone is afraid to throw a snowball at Taylor after last years snowball fight fiasco-Taylor fell and tore her ACL! It's 4 hours later and I just checked our front porch and we have 2.5" and the snow is still coming down! Of course, it's gonna be 48* tomorrow and will be all melted by Sunday!

"Students, please welcome Miss Watson to our class"
Last week Megan came home, handed me papers on Shadowing a Professional and asked me to check with Mrs. Freeman; her 2nd grade teacher, if she would be able to come shadow her for the day.  Megan has never mentioned anything about even thinking about going into teaching, but I said sure and e-mailed Mrs. Freeman the next day. Mrs. Freeman was brought to tears that one of her former students would want to come to her class and shadow her. She has been one of Megan's favorite teachers and is a wonderful precious lady!! Thursday Megan rode my bus in the morning, got off with all the other Duncan Elem. kids (looking a bit out of place with the size difference) and headed off to work! I only checked in once via e-mail and Mrs. Freeman said "Miss Watson was having a great day, the kids were loving her and they were sitting at Miss Watson's desk with her." When Meg got home that night she gave me minute by minute details and had a blast. She did say she was called Miss Watson all day and it was weird!!

A Team member....or Not?

Wed. Megan went to softball practice/try outs...yes, they had started a 1 1/2 weeks earlier and still did not know who made the team. We had a parent meeting Mon. night where all rules, regulations and ordering was gone over. We were told to order which items the girls needed/wanted and if they were cut we would get our checks back. I thought "Ok, let the girl believe she's a part of a team and then yank the rug out from under her!" I wasn't a happy mom for the next 2 days. Back to Wed., Megan was not too happy that the final list was going to be posted at school Thurs. because she wasn't going to be there...will get to that later. At the end of prac. Coach Christmas gathered all the girls together and passed out small pieces of paper. Meg is looking, realizes it's a receipt...for the sweatsuit we ordered and then it kicked in for all the girls at once because they all started yelling, jumping around & hugging each other....THEY MADE THE TEAM!! Megan is now a Byrnes High Rebel softball player.  So, here we go down this road for a second time!

Another weekly update 2-8 through 2-12-10

An American Idol Family
I'm thinking I may need to change the name of our blog from Daily View to Weekly View. Things are already busy and with spring coming I'm sure it will be getting even more so.  We've been enjoying the new season of American Idol. We used to just watch the first few weeks to see the people who really thought they could sing....but can't! Last year we watched the whole season, even though Danny did not win and we are hooked now and is family time!  We haven't picked out who we each are pulling for yet. Will let you know as soon as we do!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A weeks worth 2-1-10 thru 2-7-10

Things have been very busy this past week and that is the reason for no "daily" blog updates.  Megan has been working hard at try outs for the Byrnes Rebels Softball C-Team every day last week. She leaves school at 2:50, has to be at the fields by 3:25 and practice till 6-6:30pm.  Last Friday they had 1st cuts and she MADE the cut! We have a parent meeting tonight, so I'm hoping they will let them (us) know who made the team. I believe it's been harder on me than her...LOL!
Thurs. was Eddie's birthday and Friday was mine. We celebrated by picking up Zaxby's, thanks to my secret pal at school leaving me a gift certificate! We LOVE Zax's!! And not having to cook on my b-day was all the present I needed! But, Sat. Becky and Vanoy had the siblings and sibling-in-laws over for an awesome dinner!! We started off with h'orduvers at 4pm, chiling out just spending time together, then salads and the BIGGEST steaks I've ever seen, grilled on the grill by Vanoy...done to perfection! We were so stuffed we had to take dessert; homemade coconut cake and cheesecake, home. What a great way to spend our birthdays. Thank you to all who sent cards!
Sunday was of course, Super Bowl Sunday. For the past few years the Girl Scouts of Spartanburg have gathered at Paradise Lanes for our Souper Bowl.  We collect food for the local food banks and get to bowl a few games. Although only 4 of the girls were able to make it we had a blast...especially watching Ashley trying to bowl! That was worth it all! After bowling Megan and I hit WalMart for her to spend a gift card and boy she found some GREAT clearance items...way to go girl. Came home to fix up fries, chicken strips and buffalo chicken to watch the Super Bowl game. We all lasted till half time and then we started falling off....into bed. All in all it's been a great week & weekend. Hopefully I will be able to get to the blog a bit more frequent this week. Have a great Monday everyone!