Friday, February 12, 2010

"Students, please welcome Miss Watson to our class"
Last week Megan came home, handed me papers on Shadowing a Professional and asked me to check with Mrs. Freeman; her 2nd grade teacher, if she would be able to come shadow her for the day.  Megan has never mentioned anything about even thinking about going into teaching, but I said sure and e-mailed Mrs. Freeman the next day. Mrs. Freeman was brought to tears that one of her former students would want to come to her class and shadow her. She has been one of Megan's favorite teachers and is a wonderful precious lady!! Thursday Megan rode my bus in the morning, got off with all the other Duncan Elem. kids (looking a bit out of place with the size difference) and headed off to work! I only checked in once via e-mail and Mrs. Freeman said "Miss Watson was having a great day, the kids were loving her and they were sitting at Miss Watson's desk with her." When Meg got home that night she gave me minute by minute details and had a blast. She did say she was called Miss Watson all day and it was weird!!

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