Friday, February 12, 2010

A Team member....or Not?

Wed. Megan went to softball practice/try outs...yes, they had started a 1 1/2 weeks earlier and still did not know who made the team. We had a parent meeting Mon. night where all rules, regulations and ordering was gone over. We were told to order which items the girls needed/wanted and if they were cut we would get our checks back. I thought "Ok, let the girl believe she's a part of a team and then yank the rug out from under her!" I wasn't a happy mom for the next 2 days. Back to Wed., Megan was not too happy that the final list was going to be posted at school Thurs. because she wasn't going to be there...will get to that later. At the end of prac. Coach Christmas gathered all the girls together and passed out small pieces of paper. Meg is looking, realizes it's a receipt...for the sweatsuit we ordered and then it kicked in for all the girls at once because they all started yelling, jumping around & hugging each other....THEY MADE THE TEAM!! Megan is now a Byrnes High Rebel softball player.  So, here we go down this road for a second time!

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