Monday, April 26, 2010

Southern Savers and weekly ongoings

Hi all...trying to get back on track with posting at least weekly!
A month or two ago I went to a coupon saving seminar we sponsored at church. I went away with coupons swirling in my head and even dreamed about clipping coupons ALL night long. Well, things got busy and my coupons got put aside. This past weekend I sat down to do my Southern Savers "homework". I chose Walgreen's to be my first store to really work on. I went shopping twice this weekend at WGs and when I tallied my totals of what I SHOULD have spent and look at my checkbook of what I really spent....let me tell you ~ SHOULD have spent $80, what I DID spend $17.81!! Wahhhhooooo!!! I am now on a couponing roll and so excited that I wanted to share with everyone. On my page is a link for you to go to her site and learn all you need to know about smart couponing. Let me tell you at first it may seem kind of daunting, but stick with it and you will be saving a ton of money. I am stocking up on all the toiletries we will ever need and be able to send Taylor off with everything she will possibly need for school.
Speaking of school and Taylor...Saturday her best friend; Becca, Taylor and myself jumped in the Ford to head to Georgia. It was time to registar for classes, get her parking permit and college ID. My baby hasn't even graduated from high school yet and has her college ID!! Her schedule is in place and of course she's not too please about Total Fitness at 8am on MWF and Freshman Seminar on T&T same time...LOL. Told her they were classes she could roll out in her sweats and walk next door to the gym! Her day is pretty spread out, but time for downtime between classes. She's waiting to see what type of work study job she gets, her first choice was an aid in the Psych. dept. She seems pretty excited and seeing a few girls she went to Belize with years ago reg. helped too. I was surprised when I asked her what she was worried about the most and she replied, "Making friends." Those of you who truly know Taylor probably find that surprising also.

The road to Foster Care has come to an end for us...for now. At our first parenting class we were informed of 2 pieces of information that stopped it. One, windows in most houses are fine and dandy for you and our children to live in, but NOT large enough for a foster child! Yep, you heard me...the window or outdoor door in the child's bedroom has to be 5 sq. feet. Ours are not...missed it by an inch. Can't afford to take out the windows, cut a bigger hole in the house and replace the windows right now. Told me couldn't do it we wouldn't pass the Fire Marshall Inspection. Two, at first we were told we could most likely get a boy who's parental rights had been terminated....where the parent could not come back in and take him home...ours for adoption down the road if we wanted.  First thing we hear when we get to class ~ "Foster Care=TEMPORARY". We heard many horror and scary stories about kids being taken from foster parents and back to bio. parents...even after 3 yrs.! We went to our caseworker and she told us she could not gaurentee us a perm. child. We understand that DSSs main concern is the child and trying to keep the family togetehr, but.... So we talked and Eddie said he just could not sit back and watch my heart torn out when they came to take "our little boy".  The hardest part for me was sitting Megan down and explaining to her, she SO wanted a little brother. As the alligator tears were rolling down her sweet precious face I had her think about how upset she was right now and we hadn't even had a boy in our house yet, how would she feel if he came to live with us, she fell in love with him and then he had to leave.  To a 13 yr. old it didn't matter..she was just very mad and upset, can't blame her, I was too!
Well, time to end for right now...go cut your coupons!!
Have a blessed week.

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