Sunday, May 27, 2012

The baseball game of her life....

There's so much going on in our lives that I thought I better get back on the ball with this blog, I mean it's only been a year or two since I've last posted...LOL. Our biggest news this summer is Taylor and VJ are engaged! It was a stressful two weeks prior to the big night for VJ and myself trying to get it all planned and not to say anything to Taylor! With the combination of the 2 of them being big baseball fans and I working at The Greenville Drive we knew it had to take place down at the Drive during a game. With the help of Sam Lobosco; our Director of Entertainment and JD; our crowd rouser we had it all laid out before they walked in the park that night. I was working the game, Megan, Josh (her BF), Taylor's 2 best friends, Sam & Beka and Justin, Bek's BF were all taking in a ballgame with Taylor & VJ on a normal Friday night. As they walked in the ballgame they were "randomly" picked to play a game during one of the innings. It wasn't going to take place till end of the 4th inning...poor VJ was SO nervous the first part of the game. Time finally came! Being a mom w/ a camera in my hand Tay wasn't suspicious when I was standing there w/ my video camera. There was also the camera man for the team...normal, and I had arranged for our team photographer to be there to catch the moment.
They were playing Plinko, where she had to look to the big screen on the field & tell if the Bilo item was higher or lower in price. After the 3rd product it came VJs turn. He starts walking towards her w/ an ice cream container. Taylor told me later she was thinking, "What are you doing VJ? You're walking right in front of the camera!!" She looks to the big screen to see what the price of the ice cream is and she sees "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" And with that VJ went down on his knee and asked the big question. The whole stadium goes wild and Taylor is in tears! She finally told him yes after he asked her again!
It was an amazing night! And the story will continue......

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