Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday 1-15-10 Concussion

con⋅cus⋅sion  /kənˈkʌʃən/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [kuhn-kuhsh-uhn] Show IPA
\–noun 1. Pathology. injury to the brain or spinal cord due to jarring from a blow, fall, or the like.
2. shock caused by the impact of a collision, blow, etc.
3. the act of violently shaking or jarring.

Well...with both of our girls very involved in sports you would have thought we would have experienced this earlier. Thursday when I picked up Megan from softball weight training she got in the car complaining, but jokingly, about falling in the weight room. The coach was there talking to me & I jokingly said, "You're not suppose to let your coach know how clumsy you are!" On our drive home Meg started crying saying her head really did hurt. She had gotten tangled in the rubberbands and fell, hitting her head on the weight pole. Worrying that it might be seen as whining she didn't go to a coach...she won't do that again! We got home, shower, food & some meds. she still was hurting. Having grown up in an athetic family & having brothers & nephews with numerous concussions I knew she had to rest and not sleep for some time. Well, we didn't have to worry about her going to sleep! She had been talking to Camren (BF) & daddy and they had mentioned the worse case senerio...death in your sleep. Well...she was terrified to go to sleep! She went to lay down in her bed & texted her sister for her "to come home ASAP, she needed her Sissy!" Taylor has no idea what was going on! Once she got home & they talked we convinced Meg to sleep in my bed~this way I could keep an eye on her throughout the night. Poor dad had to sleep back in Meg's room. She tossed & turned all night,still had a small headache in the AM, so we took the day off. The things we will do for a 4-day weekend. The precious part of the story was Meg & I were getting texts throughout the day from Meg's friends checking on her. Some how her mild concussion had turned into "Megan is in a coma!!" They had girls just crying at school! Meg did say her friends were sensitive and a bit dramatic...LOL. She's fine now, even having a friend spend the night. Fingers crossed we don't experience any more!

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