Friday, January 29, 2010

It's Snowing?? 1-29-10

This is what is closing down everything in Upstate SC!! LOL I guess growing up in Ohio makes this all the more laughable to me. Even after living in SC for 21 years it still gets me how frantic everyone gets. Yes, I know we don't have all the equipment they have up North, but still.....  And why does the day it's suppose to snow/sleet happen on the day I have to go grocery shopping anyway?? Then I'm at the grocery store with all these other fanatics who are rushing in to get their gallon of milk and loaf bread.  Another's suppose to storm why does everyone stock up on bread and milk?? If I'm going to be stranded in the house for a few days I'm not gonna want milk and bread to eat...stock up on the chocolate and cookies!! The picture is of Megan and Taylor with their besties...Becca and Taylor ("LT" little Taylor) showing how much snow we got in about 15 mins. and now it has stopped...who knows what will be on the ground in the morning.  **Note the flip flops on Taylor's feet....she wears them ALL year long!!**

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