Monday, January 11, 2010

Saturday 1-9-10 BHS Wrestling Invitational

Saturday morning started AND ended at Byrnes high School. Megan and Cameron have been "dating" for just over a month now and he had a wrestling tournament Saturday. Now having grown up in a wrestling household & cheerleading for wrestling I knew tourney's last a good bit of the day....but 11 HOURS?? There was over 700 wrestlers. We weren't ever sure when Cam was going to be wrestling & neither did the guys till they were up in another match or two. For that fact we didn't want to leave to go home (5 mins. down the road)...just in case. What made it so bad was he pinned both his guys in less than 30 secs.!! Then pinned in the 3rd match left him to wrestle in consolation round. Well, at 8:30 pm (we got there at 9am) they decided since the championship rounds were taking longer than expecte they just weren't going to do the consolation rounds!! That would have been nice to have known that 4 hrs. earlier when Cam's last match ended! All in all we did have a pretty good afternoon (day)!

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